Gingerbread Men Cookies

Every Chrismas my mother and I have a family tradition to bake homemade gingerbread men cookies for Christmas Day. I came across a recipe online for soft & chewy gingerbread cookies. The recipe is very simple for anyone that’s baking these gingerbread cookies for the first time. It takes about 3 hours to refrigerator the dough or even over night is totally fine to do so. When setting the timer the cookies will only take about 10 minutes depending on whether size of your cookie cutter just keep an eye on them because they bake fast. The comfort grip cookie cutter by Wilton, makes it easier when you are pressing down on the cookie cutter. Soft and chewy gingerbread men cookies are the most delightful treats for all your family and friends during the holiday season! My favorite part of all is decorating the gingerbread men and women with Wilton red, white, green cookie icing, colored, pearl, and themed Wilton Christmas sprinkles. As I was capturing a photo of one of the gingerbread men the left leg broke right off! At first I was disappointed about the cookie breaking till I took a bite of the cookie, Oh! it was mouth watering with all the tasteful spices. Below I will include the recipe for the homemade soft & chewy gingerbread men cookies. Happy Holidays to all!



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